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Here are just some of the services we provide. If your plumbing needs are not listed below don't worry, we may still be able to help,

just give us a call on: 0430 233 173



general plumbing Repairs and Maintenance

From changing tap washers to fixing toilets, leaking sinks and blocked pipes we can sort out your maintenance plumbing issues.


We install new gas appliances such as heaters, hot water services, cooktops and ovens and fix existing appliances too. We can test for and find gas leaks, repair gas lines and install complete gas line replacements.


24 hour emergency plumbing

We can attend to your plumbing emergencies 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether it be a burst water line, a gas leak or any plumbing emergency that can not wait, we are always available.


roofing and stormwater

We can find and repair roof leaks, repair metal roofing, complete roof replacements and installs, guttering, downpipes and stormwater pipes.


hot and cold water services

We can install, repair extend or alter your waterlines including Hot, Cold, Tempered, Rainwater and Recycled water. We install new taps, kitchen mixers, dishwashers and more. We can replace, install or repair your gas hot water units and electric hot water units. Talk to us about we can fix your poor water pressure issues. 

Drainage and sanitary plumbing

We can repair, replace or run new sewerage pipes for your drainage system for your toilets, sinks, baths and more. Whether they are below ground, under your house, in your walls or in your ceiling.

carbon-monoxide testing

We can test your heater to make sure it is not spilling any dangerous carbon monoxide into your home. A faulty heater producing this gas can cause sickness and can lead to death. Your gas heater should be tested at least once every two years.


Backflow Prevention

We can install, test and repair your backflow prevention devices such as ‘Reduced Pressure Zone Devices” (RPZD’s) and ‘Double Check Valves’ (DCV’s). This includes lodgement of a ‘Inspection and maintenance report of backflow prevention device’ form with your governing water authority. Scheduled annual testing can also be arranged.


Renovation Plumbing

Whether it be a bathroom, laundry, kitchen or even your whole house that you are renovating or extending, we can look after your plumbing requirements



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